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The #1 Secret To Supercharge Your Small Biz

Have you ever asked your Grandmother for her secret recipe? She might have replied with something that sounded like, “Add a little of this, a little of that, a dash of salt and bake at 350 for 1 hour.” Your Grandma knows how to make her signature dish, but without written instructions the “secret” will remain a family secret forever.

The same is true for women and vision. Envisioning is a well kept secret that is not taught to girls, nor is “putting ourself out there” encouraged. Starting a conversation with the words, “I’m sorry….” is so habit forming that Pantene created an entire campaign around it titled, #SorryNotSorry.

Kristen Lucas, founder of Respect Her Hustle, is doing something about it. Kristen created a movement encouraging women to respect women who do not apologize for being strong, visionary leaders. We met when Kristen, a self-proclaimed HustlHer, hired me to be the keynote speaker for a powerful one day women’s conference, the EntreprenHer Summit at Clark University. Kristen’s message created the perfect environment to serve up my secret vision recipe, which was inspired by a Harvard Business Review study I discovered while researching my book, Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl. The study, titled Women and the Vision Thing, states:

“As a group, women outshone men in most of the leadership dimensions measured. There was one exception, however, and it was a big one: Women scored lower on “envisioning”—the ability to recognize new opportunities and trends in the environment and develop a new strategic direction for an enterprise.” – Harvard Business Review

Digging deeper, I created an unscientific study of my own, asking work-at-home-mom’s, direct sales superstars and small biz owners, “What’s your vision?” Time and time again, most of my unknowing subjects faltered, stammering their way through an answer that fit the definition of a goal, not a vision. Big difference. Goals are the baby steps that get you there, vision is the bigger picture. Maybe all women entrepreneurs needed was an easy-to-follow vision recipe that could be passed down and shared, like Grandmom’s apple cake.

Vision recipe by Lynn Bardowski

Before you set another goal, take a break and supercharge your small biz by mixing up my secret recipe to success. Bon appetit!

Ingredients: Passion, Purpose, Crazy Idea. No more than 10 words.

Mix 1/3 Passion with 1/3 Purpose.

Stir in 1/3 Crazy Idea.

Marinade overnight, then blend in massive action.

Season to taste.

Serve it up daily.

Heres a few examples:

Empower women to discover their glow. – Lynn Bardowski

Teach people how to live. – Martha Stewart

Create fashion that is comfortable and chic. – Coco Chanel

And, if you need help communicating your vision check out my online classes for communicating your vision with your marketing, branding and storytelling. Learn online in your PJ’s, while your vision is marinading.

Lynn Bardowski

Contributor, Chief Visionista, Author of Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl, Top 100 Small Biz Influencer, Speaker, and Radio Host

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Download the FREE HustlHER Mix!

Artwork for the Respect HER Hustle: HustlHER Mix Volume 1


Respect Her Hustle presents the EntreprenHER Summit this Fall!


It’s time to discover your inner Visionista!  Join Respect Her Hustle for a day of networking, hustling and fun with keynote speaker Lynn Bardowski of Million Dollar Party Girl!  The event is being held at Clark University in Worcester, MA.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased through EventBrite!

Recognized as one of the Top 100 Small Biz Influencers in North America and Top 25 Women to Watch, audiences describe Lynn as a dynamo speaker who delivers a fun, engaging and high-impact presentation that inspires action!  Featured in Forbes, School for Startups Radio, Good Day Philadelphia, Enterprising Women Magazine, SJ Biz Outstanding Entrepreneurs and more, Lynn Bardowski is a sought after small biz/direct-sales expert.

RespectHerHustletshirtpicSuccess Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl

The day begins at 9am with breakfast and a meet/greet for attendees and speakers.  The day will kick off at 10am with a welcome from Respect Her Hustle FoundHER Kristen Lucas and Million Dollar Party Girl’s Lynn Bardowski!  From there, the day is filled with activities and more great information from Lynn to help you explore your inner visionista and find your hustle!

 By attending this summit, you will:

Create a clearly defined vision that will inspire you, and others, to take action!

  • Learn Lynn’s event marketing strategies to launching your product or idea!
  • Learn how to stand out in the crowd by creating your personal brand: the essence of what makes you, you!
  • Discover Lynn’s secret to creating a “buzz” and getting PR! Want to know how she got in Forbes? She’ll tell you.
  • Learn the key elements to writing a sizzling Bio and About page. Lynn will share a few of her #1 bestselling author secrets too!

Breakfast and Lunch is included in the ticket price!

Follow the FaceBook page to get more updates on speakers that will be a part of the event.  Too many to list on this page!

Sponsored by Respect Her Hustle and Clark University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program led by Amy Whitney.

Team Visionista Meets The Hustle Squad


Respect HER Hustle is a game changer. It means women can stop apologizing for working their butt off and instead, admire and celebrate women who are making sh*t happen. Respect HER Hustle means let’s honor women who have the courage to take a stand and are not afraid to put themselves “out there.” My hustle story began 30 years ago, when I was the only woman to land a job in the male dominated field of business form sales. Hustling was not an option.  It wasn’t long before I noticed a stark difference between male and female clients. Men decorated their office with awards and honors, like a Peacock showing off their bright colored feathers. Women, on the other hand, decorated their office with pictures of their kids, frequently apologizing for saying or doing anything that might come across as “bragging.” Apologizing is something women do a lot. We’re sorry when our work takes us away from our family, sorry the laundry is piling up, sorry we don’t have perfect bodies that never age and we’re sorry for sharing our success stories. Not much has changed since then. When I network with women entrepreneurs I frequently will hear, “You’re so busy.” And they don’t mean it as a compliment. Instead of defending myself I simply say, “Thanks, I’m blessed to live an abundant life.” Maybe I should just say, Yeah, I’m a HustlHer.

Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl

FoundHer Kristen Lucas is a true Visionista, which I define in my book as “Women that know who they are, where they are going, and guide their tribe of leading ladies to the top.”  The term is about women helping women, and not being afraid to step into their power (hence the woman trampling NYC in a hot pink pencil skirt on my book cover). In other words, Visionista’s Respect HER Hustle. Been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt.

Lynn Bardowski is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, best-selling author and founder of the Million Dollar Party Girl brand. She speaks to global audiences about entrepreneurship, vision and branding and is  a resource for the press, media and bloggers. Follower her on Twitter & Instagram @LynnBardowski . Grab her book on Amazon

Blazing Tuesday’s!!!!

Respect Her Hustle is about women that are single moms, self made moguls, stars on the soccer field, in the science lab and many other fields.

I have started a movement called Blazing Tuesday which embraces the beauty of each and every woman out there, no matter the color of their skin, the size of their pants or perhaps their disability.  This movement represents and respects the Hustle of all of these women because they are doctors, nurses, actors, models,  self made moguls and mothers that are working hard to make their dreams come true.

Blazing Tuesday was started due to the many messages and posts I received about how as a model/actress I inspired other women to feel beautiful.   I shouldn’t have to inspire these beautiful women to feel beautiful, however for some due to past experiences it’s hard to see themselves as being beautiful and fitting into societal norms so they hide behind their work, closed doors and behind others instead of shining their own light to become who they are meant to be.

Couldn’t you imagine if these doctors, self made moguls felt beautiful on the inside how powerful they could actually be?  It may seem like a little thing for some but this is something that holds a lot of women back from their fullest potential because they are in hiding.

Let’s help other ladies Respect their Hustle and their beauty by saying I AM BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Kathy Blaze Jefferson, Blazing Curves!!

Beautiful and support Blazing Tuesday!!   TaniaTiffanyMelissaCarson

Respecting the hustle of Tania Capree, CEO of Thixotix Modeling Troupe,  Tiffany Jackson, CEO of Arabella Models  and Milissa Koehler, CEO of Chariatable Hearts, Cate Carson, CEO of Sensorium pictures/Actress

What Respect Her Hustle means to Kathy Blaze Jefferson

flowerRESPECT HER HUSTLE, what a powerful name.    I immediately connected with Respect her hustle when I saw it; I love the format of support and respect for each other in this already discriminating world for women entrepreneurs.

For me Respect Her Hustle represents the lives of hard working (HUSTLING) women for generations.  These are the women that I saw growing up as a child working hard to take care of their households, women working 2 jobs to make ends meet without asking for assistance, these are the women that worked hard and still made time for their children.

Respect Her Hustle is about making things happen without making excuses, getting the job done on many levels.  We are wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and someone that inspires others.  While focusing on all these roles we are steadily pounding the pavement to make our dreams come true AND loving every minute of it.

I never realized or thought that I was doing anything special because I’m  doing something that I love doing.  I’m a Mother, Model, Actress, owner of Blazing Curves and these are all things that I love doing, but when I think about it I am hustling hard to make sure that all of those things run smoothly and that I keep climbing to get to my end goal.

I truly believe that the company you entertain reflects the type of person you are and the growth you will have in reaching your goals.  Surrounding yourself around powerful women, women that are like you, women that have dreams to pursue will inspire you to keep pushing hard and Respecting your Hustle.


Kathy Blaze Jefferson,  Actor/Model/Entrepreneur

Respect Her Hustle is more than just a t-shirt line.

During our recent video shoot for the Respect Her Hustle documentary, my good friend Kristie Raymond said something profound…

“This is part of a Revolution. ”

The words hung out there for a moment as I processed them.  And the more I thought about what she had said, the more I realized she was right.

Something magical happened that day.  We could all feel it.  And at the end of the day, as exhausted as we all were, we know it was the beginning of something really special.

I continue to feel it every day.  It reminds me of the “Random Acts of Kindness” campaign, but instead I see people, specifically women, looking for ways to acknowledge and show respect to other women.

Respect Her Hustle is so much more than just a t-shirt line.  It truly is a movement, and the t-shirts are just an expression and show of support for that movement.

I loved seeing this picture that was shared by Nikki Robertshaw aka DJ Nixx, that she received from a co-worker.  It truly put a smile on my face seeing a simple gesture to lift another woman up.


Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Love + Hustle

Kristen Lucas

FoundHER | Chief AmbassadHER of Hustle
Respect HER Hustle

#respectHERhustle #HERstory #HustleSquad

What Respect HER Hustle means to Christina Coorey


The first time I saw the words “#respectherhustle”, I immediately thought “I love that!” based on my interpretation of what the idea behind it was. The more I learn about the movement, the more I realize it is exactly as I envision it to be and even better is the way ‘foundHER’, Kristen Lucas allows such interpretations to flow freely from those who wish to #respectHERhustle.

This movement spoke to me so personally because I have always been a very self-motivated, independent individual, but above all else I have always been humble and grateful for all opportunities that have come my way. I owe every opportunity to those who gave me a chance, taught me various lessons, and most importantly inspired me. Such people like Danielle Roback, Jenine Marino Wright, & Natalie Bayersdorfer to name a few; I have seen not only their success, but the absolute dedication, passion, and long hours they all put in with the beautiful results of such. They are not content with sitting back and being average and neither am I. I am clearly a little biased being a woman, but nothing is more empowering to me than seeing another woman showing what we are capable of and I love that this movement focuses on how whoever “HER” is, she can break the mold.

Every Monday I wake up, I am not sad it is the beginning of a new work week. There is very rarely a time when I don’t want to “go to work” and that is because I absolutely LOVE what I do! I teach dance and fitness full time and while it sounds rather easy, believe much more goes into it than just the ‘fun stuff’. Personally, I got involved in dance and fitness with my own weight loss journey and the best thing that has come of such journey is not just my results or results of those who take my classes, but the connections I have made to all the people I meet. Being in a leadership role, I am often told I inspire others, but believe me when I say the inspiration I give others is a direct mirror of the inspiration I feel from them. I see people taking 2, 3, 4 classes a day at Studio Poise. I see women working full time, coming to zumba, and taking care of kids when they get home. I see people dealing with tragedies who take the one hour with me to smile and forget about everything else on their gigantic plates just to name a few. There is nothing else I can say other than I humbly and completely respect their hustle. YOU got up and did something, anything about your goals today, then you are on the right path.

I am a true believer in how your day and manner in which your life flows is a direct reflection of your thoughts. If you start the day knowing you have the power to direct it to positivity, you will be filled with such. It is easy to judge others and see their imperfections. It is also easy to empower each other and lift one another up which will result in a much more rewarding life than the first. I’ve realized that when I judge others, I don’t feel good about myself, and when I respect another person’s hustle, I feel even better about the path to my own goals. We all wake up in the morning with trials and tribulations, but when I wake up, I tell myself I KNOW I am going to reach my dreams. Maybe not today or tomorrow, maybe not this year, but I KNOW my ambition is stronger than any weakness and that is my hustle.



Respect Her Hustle meets Spin The Plate

HERstory: The HustleStory Begins

HERstory: The HustleStory begins with being your best.

Here, Kristie tells us how she’s at her best.

Tell us your HERstory by sending us a video with your #HustleStory to

#respectHERhustle #HustleSquad #HERstory #empowering

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