Today we honor Rashida Ellis for #HustleThursday


Rashida Ellis is the #1 female boxer in New England and has loved to fight ever since she was a little girl. Unfortunately, her passion for going a few rounds in the schoolyard was more likely to earn her a trip to the principal’s office than a gold medal.

Rashida always loved to be with her older brothers and do what they were doing, and fortunately, what they liked to do was box. Their love for the sport rubbed off on her and she moved her fighting into the ring.  Rashida is hoping to one day box in the Olympics.

Rashida trains six times a week and her only day off is Sunday.  She likes to practice with “the guys” because it makes her more competitive when she gets in the ring against another female. She said she spars with her brothers a little, doing blocking and countering.  Time for Rashida to join the Hustle Squad!

Hustle Respected!

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